Shopping Online Becomes A New Habit!

Under the recurring situation of COVID-19, the shift to internet buying is dictating consumer preferences even as Canadians come out of lockdown. According to a new survey by PayPal Canada, Canadians have boosted their monthly online shopping spending by more than $2 billion in comparison to pre-pandemic levels.

The survey, with the heading Trends & Spends: PayPal According to Canada’s 2021 Consumer Shopping Study, respondents reported an average monthly internet shopping expenditure of $178, up $69 from pre-pandemic levels. This amounts to an increase of more than $2 billion in monthly online expenditure nationwide and current monthly online spending of approximately $5.5 billion.

The survey discovered a considerable increase in online food shopping when examining where respondents were opting to spend their money online. Only 19% of Canadian customers, according to a March 2020 first study, reported doing their food shopping online. Only 30% of Canadians bought food online, according to a subsequent survey done in April 2020. That number has increased to 49 percent today, according to our most current study. The survey shows Canadians are gradually accepting the concept of online consumption and forming a habit.

Therefore, LinkedMarts are following the trend of Canadians and providing a user-friendly platform, sellers can just simply register an account and start selling without countless reviewing processes. Our target areas for finding niche goods vendors are “Home & Living,” “Jewelry & Accessories,” and “Clothing and Shoes.” These are the necessities of daily use which all the citizens would like to buy online.

We aim to bring life convenience to society and LinkedMarts will be one of the pioneers of the brand new local community shopping platform.